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Our Journey

See how far we have come from our inception in 2014! From pasture land to sustainable farming.


Variety of things to choose from our farm! Flat rate shipping only within GTA to gurantee freshness.


Host your events with us here at the Farm! Weddings, Birthday Parties, Picnics and more!

About Us

Our 13 acre farm is located in Erin just few kilometers north from where Bruce Trail crosses Trafalgar Road.   With rolling hills one would find its beauty anytime of the year.  Home Sweet Farm founded in 2015 is a nature-friendly organic farm.  We grow vegetables, fruits and cut flowers. 

It is much more than a place to provide local organic food.  We practice regenerative agriculture.  We would like to grow into a sustainable farm that produces abundance of food.  Then encourage and create a path for other novice farmers to build more sustainable farms.  

In 2015 it was a pasture land and we got a clean slate to start.  We aspire to grow as much as perennial food crops and minimal annuals.  We have planted over 700 trees (evergreens for wind breaks, nuts and fruits), bushes (berries) and vines (hardy kiwi and grapes).  Two acres of wild flowers seeded in 2018.  

Our Products.


Our vegetables and fruits are grown organically. We chose our varieties of fruits for their taste not for transportation distance or mechanical handling by machines. I also choose varieties of vegetables I grow each year for their taste.


Wild flower meadow was planted to attract pollinators for our fruit orchard. There is a myth out there that wild flowers doesn’t last long in a vase. Properly cut and cared some last as long as seven days. I am confident our wild flower meadow was the main reason for biodiversity in the farm. I have never watered my meadow even during 2022 all what we did was watering from annuals to fruit trees just to make them survive through the drought. There is plenty of wild flowers from May to October to share and cheer someone at home.

In addition to wild flowers the farm grows 20 plus different varieties of peony’s, few types of tulips and daffodils. When we prune our fruit trees in the winter, cuttings are also used in bouquets. This will fill the gap until spring flowers are available.

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