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Plan your visit!

Weddings, Birthday Parties, Picnics and more.


Events at the farm

  • Private Picnics – you can book the farm for your family picnic
  • Pow Wows in the back of the property (see picture)
  • Weddings: If you are into nature and love to tie the knot in the middle of a wild flower meadow, this is the place for you.
  • Birthday parties for kids and kids at heart
  • Nature walks: walk around the farm to see wildlife, wild flowers etc.

Things to do at the farm

We are 100% litter free. No single use items are allowed within the property including single use water bottles. For events we will provide re-useable items; plates, cups, cutlery.

  • Join chef Mike to learn to cook with seasonal produce. We are starting with
    asparagus season
  •  Pick your own cherries, wild flowers for your event
  •  Help with farm chores (check off the box for exercise) and hang around the farm after (reading a book or just do nothing to let your brain grow)
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