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Cut Flowers (2018)

Our Journey

Cut flowers was the theme for the year.  Browsing seed and plant catalogues was so much fun.  I wanted to grow them all.  Yes, that’s me.  Gets excited and jump into things. I ordered seeds from various sources; William Dam Seeds, Floret, etc. Since we don’t have a greenhouse, I outsourced Matchbox Seeds to grow seedlings. They were ready when I came back from vacation in May.  Shed #4 came in the first week of June.  After considering many locations to make the farm lean as much as possible it was sited next to the blueberry hill.  I am so glad I read the book, “The Lean Farm” by Ben Hartman. I learned a lot. In 2015, my activities were spread in 6 acres; from vegetable patch #1 to #2 was 600 feet, the well was 1000 feet away, the fruit trees were at the entrance, and the shed with tools was tucked away near the first tree line.

The first choice for shed #4 was near the pump house so that I have water to clean tools. I cleaned tools at my home in Toronto in November at the end of the season once. But I used tools every day I was at the farm. Tools are used in the blueberry hill area most of the time. That is where I have all the annuals and berries; vegetables, flowers, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. The tractor was delivered in June. After taking in and out few times, I realized the 90-degree turn of the tractor with the end of the ramp at the fence was very difficult and not safe.  It was also fun to sit on the doorway of the shed for rest and snacks.  Ordered Shed #5 with two extra windows to use as a living space or an office.  Moved shed #4 so that the tractor can be moved in and out easily without a ramp.  Now we have a nice courtyard.  Pictures coming soon.

Planted all seedlings and ran out of time for direct seed flowers and vegetables: cosmos, zinnias, dahlias, amaranthus, cinnamon basil, celosia pumpas, and sweet peas were the only flowers that made it to the market.  Zinnias won everyone’s heart.



Withrow Farmer’s Market welcomed me and my flowers.  It was so much fun to go there.  Volunteers helped me set up the booth, carried my stuff to and from the van, and helped me sell the flowers.  I agreed to come full-time in 2019.  Now all I need is lots and lots of flowers.

In the fall of 2018, there were lots of tulips, daffodils, peonies, lavender, tarragon (for greens), and crocosmia. We have completed 44,000 square feet of wild flower meadow which will be in full bloom in three years.

We will have a broad selection of cut flowers available in 2019!

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