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Planning (2019)

Our Journey

Why do I say planning? I am planning to plant outdoors or planning to pick when already planted bulbs and perennials pop up and the rest is up to the mother nature.

Who says farmers doesn’t have work in the winter? That is when we plan for the next year. Potatoes, bulbs and other perennial orders had to be done by December 14, 2018. I think I ordered too many in my rush to meet the deadline. Now I have to work around that to allocate resources.

How to get my flowers from the farm to your Table?

  1. I have flower subscriptions for five weeks in spring. I will deliver to customers within two kilometers from Withrow Market or six kilometers south of 401 and upto Etobicoke/Mississauga border and Royal York. One week subscription is $25 and five weeks $100. A bouquet will have minimum of 10 flowers. Please send me an e-mail to I will let you know one week in advance when the flower delivery is and what flowers are available.
  2. School or office or community fundraising: The farm will be open for U-cut flowers on Sundays when flowers are available. You can e-mail me at to be in the list. It will be first come first serve basis and number of vehicles at the farm will be limited to four. Upon arrival at the farm you will be given a bucket and scissors. After you picked enough you will be given an envelop with your name and address as the return address and the address of your choice of organization to donate. You include cash for the amount your flowers are worth. Thirty percent will be donated. I will mail your money (a cheque) to the organization with a letter explaining how they benefited. If your organization gives tax credits you will receive a tax credit in the mail.
  3. Just like other fundraising you order flowers through a volunteer leader of the school/organization. I will provide a list of flowers available and prices. Fifteen percent of the order will be donated. Please send me an e-mail to start the process.
  4. Withrow Farmers Market from June to October on Saturdays.
  5. For your special occasions, please contact me at

Here are flowers for 2019 (I apologize for not having pictures for all new varieties):

Late Winter: Fruit tree flowers. I am visiting the farm at the end of January. If the flower buds in the fruit trees are ready I will prune some of them for flowers. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that I will have some flowers for Valentines day. If not I will be pruning my fruit trees at the end of February. At this time of the year these are the only local flowers in Ontario other than from green houses.

Early Spring: Fruit tree flowers from pruning

Mid Spring: Daffodils: Queens delight, Perfect Lady, Thahiti, Bridal Crown, Monte Carlo, Angel’s Flute, Mount Hood, Snow Angel, Watch Up, Ice Follies and Dutch Master

Tulips: World Friendship, Ice cap and Monte Carlo

Late Spring:

Tulip: Pink Impressions, Secret Parrot, Angel’s Wish



Cala Lilies: Captain Ventura White and Summer Sun Yellow

Anemone: Bordeaux Tops, Caramel White Tops and De Caen mix colours

Ranunculus: Peony Mix and Pauline

Clamatis: Many colours




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